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When Radiofrequency (RF) energy is directed onto human tissue, a fascinating and therapeutically beneficial interaction takes place. Primarily, RF energy targets water molecules residing within the tissue. As the RF energy oscillates, it causes these water molecules to do the same, moving vigorously back and forth. This intense molecular motion generates friction, which in turn produces heat. This localized heating mechanism underpins the principle of RF thermotherapy. It allows for precise targeting of specific tissue regions for treatment, warming them from within to stimulate cellular responses, such as controlled destruction of harmful cells. Always carefully calibrated and controlled, this RF-induced heat generation can unlock numerous therapeutic benefits, offering a non-invasive, yet potent, approach to various medical treatments.

Using Radiofrequency Energy for Targeted Heat Therapy


Incorporating the science of Radiofrequency energy, CLARA delivers precise, targeted heat deep into the skin's dermal layer. With the capacity to reach up to 6mm beneath the skin's surface, this device is specifically engineered to neutralize Leishmania parasites within the target tissue. This application of RF technology provides a non-invasive and effective method for treating cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

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Features of CLARA


Precise temperature measurement

Implemented within CLARA is an infrared-based temperature measurement technique. This allows for a targeted therapy that mitigates unnecessary additional heat damage to the skin. The speed of the measurement ensures the system can quickly respond to temperature changes, effectively preventing temperature deviations.

Uniform Heat Distribution

CLARA achieves remarkable uniformity in skin temperature distribution. With CLARA, the temperature stays consistent over the entire application surface, eliminating the issue of hot spots, ensuring a safe and effective heat therapy.


Built for Endurance

CLARA's design is all about robustness and longevity, ensuring that it can withstand the harshest of conditions, providing reliability and durability. It is designed not only for operational efficiency but also with the rigors of field use in mind. 

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