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The Team

Dedication. Compassion. Innovation

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Corporate Lead

Davide Paparo

Tech Lead

Ian C. Rodrigues Häusler

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Our story

Our journey began as a bachelor's thesis at the School of Engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. A challenge had been presented to us - engineering a cost-effective thermotherapy device to treat a disease we had never heard of before. It fascinated us, and we eagerly accepted the challenge.

As we delved deeper into the subject, we were increasingly drawn into the gravity of the situation in endemic countries, where the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis is often under-resourced and overlooked. The stark reality of these circumstances, combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, compelled us to continue the mission.

Finally, when we held a functioning prototype in our hands and had secured the necessary financial backing, we found ourselves standing amidst the thrilling, unwritten narrative of our venture.

On the threshold of achieving something truly significant, we press on with steadfast determination.

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