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DermatoTherma in the press

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ZHAW graduates develop cost-effective therapy for skin disease.


Winterthur, ZH - Davide Paparo and Ian Häusler have developed a prototype for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis. For further development, the two graduates of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) are being supported in the BRIDGE program by Innosuisse and the National Fund.

Boost for Winterthur Medtech Startup.


With their device, Davide Paparo and Ian Häusler aim to develop an alternative treatment for a skin disease prevalent in tropical countries. The project is already supported by First Ventures and has now also secured the support of the Bridge program from Innosuisse and SNF. In addition, the two founders won at the final event of the Sustainability Booster at ZHAW.

ZHAW graduates on the path to success: Davide Paparo and Ian Häusler win BRIDGE Proof of Concept funding.


The Systems Engineering graduates are receiving funding from BRIDGE, the joint support program of Innosuisse and the Swiss National Fund (SNF), for the commercialization of the hyperthermia device they developed. With the CLARA device, the two aim to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatment methods for the skin disease cutaneous leishmaniasis.

DermatoTherma: A Safe Hyperthermia Device for a More Just World.


Millions of people worldwide are affected by diseases for which only risky treatment methods exist. In the worst case, the side effects of today's drugs can be more dangerous than the disease itself. But does a treatment really have to be dangerous? With our hyperthermia device, we aim to change that and create a safe and accessible alternative for those affected.

First ventures supports two new projects


Two projects led by students at the Zurich and Bern University of Applied Sciences have been selected to receive support from the Gebert Rüf Foundation as part of the First Ventures programme.

ZHAW graduates win funding from the Gebert Rüf Foundation.


Davide Paparo and Ian Häusler collaborated on a prototype as part of their project and bachelor's thesis that can cure the skin disease cutaneous leishmaniasis using radio frequency waves. For the planned market entry, the system engineering graduates developed a project plan that convinced the jury of the Gebert Rüf Foundation and earned them the win of the "First Ventures" funding program.

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